Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Well everytime I think I am about to get rid of the blog I decide to update it. So here goes a fresh start again! 2010 was full of adventures and 2011 hasn't let me down.
I am still working for the art gallery. I LOVE it! This has been the best experience. I love having the hands on experience of running a business. Some day I will have my own. After 6 majors and a few semesters off I only have 2 classes left until I graduate. I can't believe it! I have already been to Las Vegas and to Seattle this year. I am planning a couple week trip to New York and DC in October and stoked about that. In february 4 days after my birthday I got in a car accident. I got to experience my first ambulance ride and had to wear a hideous neck brace for a week! That was fun let me tell you. After all of my car experiences last year I hoped this year would be smooth sailing but I am still dealing with the insurance mess four months later. At least it wasn't my fault so I don't have to worry about that. I guess the question most ask is NO I am not dating anyone. Haven't really met anyone worth while for quite some time so I am holding out for 30! HA! The youngest bro just graduated which makes me feel so old. The middle bro is going to graduate next year the same time as me because the University of Utah only holds graduation every spring. Weber State where Ben is has their ceremony a week before so technically he will be done before me as far as actually walking. He hasn't let me forget about it either! Well I think that is about all.


Jamie Blake said...

Sounds like life is treating you well! I am very envious of your job at the art sounds so fantastic! :)
When you come to DC in October, I would absolutely love for you to come say hi. Love you!